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Call Today@ 952.941.6049 for your Free Analysis on your Air Conditioning needs. Remember this is your investment for many decades. Why put up with all the problems, complaints, service calls and lack of proper inexperience by others. 

Since 1999, our highly skilled, competent technicians hold a Master HVAC and Master Natural Gas License while working on your HVAC project.  Experience counts on every job.

BEWARE: NO certifications, industry degree or education is required to perform any HVAC service work on your home by its personnel.  Owners of HVAC companies are not required or liable to hold any Master of HVAC Industry Competency, Industry Degree or related years of experience to operate.


That is why we are different. We have earned our stripes. You can trust our decades of experience. We have all the right answers for your home.  If your just looking for a cheap air conditioner, quote only, same-day, quick fix, base price out of a cardboard box as with others, then move on. Were not the right fit. Nobody Dares to Compare.  No  Sales Gimmicks. No Fancy Coupons. No Cheezy Commercials. No Bling. Just Straight Talk. Old Fashioned Values. Consultation Fee may Apply. Xcel Energy, Great River Energy, Dakota Electric, Minnesota Valley Electric. Qualified. Quality. Certified. Utility Trade Partner.  


Full Replacement Single HVAC Installation Cost

Price Range: $9,200 to $13,100

Typical Job Time: 3-5 Days

The ductwork adds a minimum two days of labor and about $2,000 to $4,000+ to the price, but realize that this is a very important part of your HVAC system. Any ductwork system is the highway from your furnace to all the rooms of your home.  Due to poor applications by others, especially upper levels which is rampant in the industry causes hot rooms , uncomfortable areas and high 

energy costs. Many homes have circulation ceiling fans which do nothing but look pretty. Due to poor air circulation, many homes are sick, stale, odors, causing health problems, dysfunctional air flow and perform poorly. 

Ductwork shall never need cleaning if the ducted airway has been executed properly, is functional and clean. High performance MERV 16 furnace air filters are essential long term. Although it might sound like a good idea to reduce HVAC installation cost and get a quick same-day change-out like with others, realize we always have found dirt, mice droppings, rodents and debris in our breathing apparatus, our ducts. Including dust mite feces, pop cans, sawdust, trash, litter, dead mice, spiders, mice droppings, poor air flow in general and the ducts themselves contain holes, leaks due to improper installation and lack of quality control rampant in the industry. So this is what you want to breathe every day than go cheap with inexperience. We are not your company. Lack of quality control is reality and wide spread in far too many homes.  All of which may be hidden and will effect your energy costs and overall performance. 

Remember, many contractors hire cheap labor, inexperienced technicians, will push a quick same day change-out because it is easy and what we want to hear. But who wants a Furnace/AC out of a cardboard box. Its fast and great money for them – you need to be involved.  We don't move "boxes" like the big box retailers, we provide long term, whole house, consistent comfort, room to room, floor to floor.  Call for Details. 100% Satisfaction. We LOVE educated buyers.

Full HVAC or Heat Pump Installation with Additional Benefits/Features

Price Range: $13,100 to $28,000+

Typical Job Time: 3-10+ Days

The sky is the limit. Air Source Heat Pumps can be very complex.  Adding features to improve overall efficiency ratings.  Fully automated systems can save energy and offset kw operational costs. Adding zoning  systems, will typically add $2,300 to $3,500 (or more) to the price. Upgrading other performance features to your system such as Steam Humidifiers, Thermostats, Gas Lines, IAQ Systems are additional and a huge advantage but adds to your bottom line. “Why the price range, isn’t it just a part?” No, the part then has to be installed properly, and the customized ductwork to improve air flow efficiency and added benefits required will vary based on the difficulty of the job and layout of your job. It is very labor intensive, and many contractors don’t do it right. Zoning as required should also include a bypass damper and  additional ductwork! Simply put, the more you add, the more it will affect your costs.

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Black air conditioners and white house

Dual Two-Stage Energy Saving Air Conditioning

 Local utility says up to 60% of Air Conditioners are not installed properly.  Call the Pro's Today. 952.941.6049

#1 Customer Rated Best HVAC Contractor in Twin Cities

#1 Customer Rated Best HVAC Contractor in Twin Cities

#1 Customer Rated Best HVAC Contractor in Twin Cities

Black Air Conditioners

When the Heat is too Much. No Sweat. We cover all your Cooling Problems. Guaranteed. Emergency Air Conditioning Repair and Installation.  Done-Right. Refrigerant leakage always a Problem? We Fix It!! A+ BBB.  Five-Star. A Rating Angie List.

Best Air Conditioner Repair

#1 Customer Rated Best HVAC Contractor in Twin Cities

#1 Customer Rated Best HVAC Contractor in Twin Cities

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Best Air Conditioning Experts. Air Conditioner Broke? Not Cooling Right? Upper Level Area always Warm? Inconsistent Temperatures? We Fix It Right the First Time.  Call Today.  100% Satisfaction ac replacement air conditioning repair ac repair Chanhassen Eden Prairie Edina

New Air Conditioner Installation

#1 Customer Rated Best HVAC Contractor in Twin Cities

New Air Conditioner Installation

Green air conditioner

Top Performer. Two-Stage 17 SEER/13 EER Air Conditioner. Energy-Saver.  Ultra-Quiet.  Very Efficient. Includes Lifetime Warranty.  Featuring Nobody Compares Guarantee.

Ductless Air Conditioning

Corrosion Resistant ALUMINUM Coil

New Air Conditioner Installation

red white fujitsu ductless air conditioning & heating box

No Ductwork. No Problem. FUJITSU Factory Trained. Heat and Cool Every Room Independently. Ultra-Quiet. Modulating Indoor Fan Speeds for Optimum Energy-Saving Indoor Comfort. 

Corrosion Resistant ALUMINUM Coil

Corrosion Resistant ALUMINUM Coil

Corrosion Resistant ALUMINUM Coil

gray aluminum evaporator cooling coil

Best Quality Products. Aluminum Corrosion Resistant  Indoor Cooling Coil. Hassle-Free Air Conditioning Application. Seal-Tight Application.


Wi-Fi Thermostats

Corrosion Resistant ALUMINUM Coil

Corrosion Resistant ALUMINUM Coil

blue and white wifi thermostat

Easy. Simple. Fast. Energy Saver Thermostat. Set Your Temperature When Away or Travel. Remotely.  Emergency Signal Warns of Equipment Failure  Immediately from I-Pad or Cell Phone.

The Problem with Refrigerant Leaks

 BEWARE: Many AC Installations are done as cheap as possible while cutting out the important necessities to save money.  That is what every customer wants to hear, how cheap can it be done.  Well, you get what you pay for, unknown to the consumer when all completed.  Just replacing the outdoor AC unit accomplishes nothing but future refrigerant leaks, a flooded basement from plugged drain hoses and poor cooling with older parts remaining. Why, because many contractors leave the old 15+ year parts inside your evaporator and keep undersized older R-22 (toxic) refrigeration piping in place. It's fast and cheap. Studies have shown that A/C manufacturers can raise the efficiency of their equipment by using thinner copper in their evaporator coils. Heat transfers  faster through the thinner copper, but this efficient tubing also leaks sooner.  

Another reason why we have solely been applying Aluminum Corrosion Resistant evaporator cooling coils for many years. 

So, we know that thinner tubing develops leaks sooner, but what is causing the refrigerant leak in the first place? The leaky cheaper, older copper a/c coils that engineers studied had microscopic pin holes seemingly leaking throughout the coil tubing. Also may be due to improper installation techniques by others leaving (acid) moisture remaining inside the piping.  Always be on-site and  informed during your installation. It's your money. The culprit was formic acid.    A form of Formicary Corrosion.

 Formaldehyde in the home can convert into Formic Acid on the a/c coil. It is extremely mild, but over a period of 5 years, it will produce pinholes in copper tubing. We call this process formicary corrosion. If you have researched indoor air quality, you’ll know that formaldehyde is a major pollutant in our homes. An infamous case of severe formaldehyde in the living space was the FEMA trailer provided to Katrina victims. While less severe than a FEMA trailer, most homes have a measurable amount of formaldehyde in the indoor air, and this will always cause formicary corrosion and leaks. Unfortunately, no amount of any air conditioner maintenance will prevent leaks. We can, however, reduce the amount of  formaldehyde in your home with indoor air quality upgrades including any ductwork.   Never clean your air ducts again.  Never...Call Us  Today!!