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Temperature Consistency

AIR FLOW PERFORMANCE is the most important factor in your overall comfort in any home, residence or office space.  This is also the most ignored factor in optimum comfort.  

Understand,  air flow patterns are critical as the main artery or highway to all areas of your home.  Air flow is directional, essential towards a highly functional heating and air conditioning system. 

FACT: Our highly advanced products save up to 75% on your annual electrical consumption. 

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Far too many homes have poorly designed air ducts. Filthy, leaky and poor air flow. Wasting energy and reducing home performance.  Due to lack of local/state code enforcement up to 2015, joists cavities (panned) for air chutes are a huge problem with far too many homes.  Unseen by others in the industry.  Causing major cooling and air flow issues and skyrocketing energy costs. The abuse of these very poor conditions is wide spread and rampant.  Your home could be a victim.  


The abuse and over application of flex ducting, many bends, turns, kinks, unattached ductwork, leaky ductwork, improperly sized ductwork, restrictive ductwork is widely known which can greatly effect the performance of any home. Too much flex ducting can also reduce the effectiveness of your heating and cooling systems. Flex duct if not used properly causes heavy, increased restriction to building air flow. 

Dirt and dust can accumulate within webbing area inside flex duct materials. 

This may contribute to moisture related problems with many windows due to lack of air flow over glass pane areas. What do you think would happen in your own car during cold, winter months if the fan blower or defrosters did not work properly. Car windows would build up with frost and ice.

Poor Air Flow can hinder stack effect, window performance, internal building pressure imbalances, hot and cold areas, cold basements, upper levels cannot cool properly during hot, summer months. Increasing energy consumption and costs to operate. Including shorten life of any furnace. 

A well-balanced air flow distribution system is critical on both return and supply trunklines and branch ducting to each individual room areas.  Register placement is also very important in every room. Whether on wall or near floor at baseboard. Essential for proper air flow stratification.  

Inadequate air ducting is wide spread in many homes. Causing very poor air circulation throughout home, especially upstairs levels during cooling season. 

A properly sized air duct system is critical for air movement, temperature consistency, energy-savings, health, indoor air quality, heating and cooling performance.  Our team of air flow experts can get your home up and running, effectively, efficiently and with optimum comfort. We make a difference in your life.  Best ductwork repair experts in your area.

Professional, highly skilled HVACR personnel are a rare find. Understanding 

the building as a whole towards the functionality of your home is critical. 

Any furnace (out of box) is only as effective as the application. From roof to basement, east to west, end to end, wall to wall.  

The harder any furnace blower motor has to "work" to move air flow the more costly it can be to operate.  Hence, increasing its "blood pressure" within your house ductwork adding more resistance to air flow throughout your home. Furthermore, may add to unexpected and expensive repair costs. 

Your equipment has to work much harder when their are restrictions, bends, inadequate duct sizing, excessive flex ducting, poor filter application, dirty evaporator coils, blocked or clogged furnace components such as  secondary heat exchangers, inadequate restrictive registers, dirty blowers, etc.  

Any furnace maintenance work does not require mandate these essential requirements. We inspect, diagnose and permanently fix air flow problems.

Our Whole House Approach is one of a kind. As Trained Residential Energy Auditor(s), we understand the importance of whole house comfort, energy-saving techniques, temperature consistency, winter or summer, year round.  

Gray duct with broom and dust on bottom

Gray duct with broom and dust on bottom