Myth about Humidifiers


Another myth is that many humidifiers cause more problems than their worth. Actually, a properly installed and fully maintained humidifier can be an attribute to our health.  Install our Steam Humidifier today. Maintenance-Free Operation during heating season.  Hot Water 212F Steam. No Maintenance.  Water Saving Features. No need for furnace to heat water as in older style, basic humidifiers. 

Meaning, only one humidifier type can help during the cold, dry winter months in our ability to breathe and prevent certain illness and upper respiratory ailments (Steam).  Install our new STEAM HUMIDIFIER today for your home.  Get rid of the mess of older, unhealthy, water guzzling, cheap humidifiers. Old humidifier water pad can retain bacteria, mold spores and pathogens that enter the air stream of the home and can lodge in our respiratory tract and cause illness, breathing and respiratory problems in many people with weakened immune systems. Named SBS or Sick Building Syndrome.

IMPORTANT: Many hardwood flooring manufacturers will not provide warranty on their products if your home does not have a working humidifier. Average humidity levels must maintain around 38% RH, relative humidity at its floor surface.

Any humidifier really needs to be taken care of and cleaned – it will become a guarantee of health and will avoid problems during operation. Typical basic humidifiers are high maintenance.

If you leave hard water full of manganese and calcium into a container and do not change it for a long time, then sooner or later it really blossoms.  

After all, in a typical tap water environment, there may be many microorganisms that cause the same flowering effect. Harmful bacteria begin to multiply even faster, among them harmful pathogens. 

Basic, very cheap and ineffective humidifiers, wide-spread in many homes are the culprit. Leaving harmful forms of bacteria, potential mold spores and pathogens in the air stream. During evaporation, many of these pathogens get into the air. Our boiled (212F) hot water steam vaporizes into home air stream,  virtually eliminates potential airborne bacteria. 

Our Steam Humidification for your entire home provides healthier, breathe easy, maintenance free solutions for winter. Basic type, very cheap humidifiers cannot kill or neutralize bacteria, which are continuously wicked off the evaporative pad into our air stream and may lodge within our lungs causing lingering sickness during our winter months or Sick Building Syndrome.

Causing upper respiratory ailments, sinus problems, coughing, sickness, pulmonary obstruction in certain people with weakened immune system deficiency. However, we are talking about the simplest devices, in which only 

the humidification function is present. In modern and more expensive humidifier systems, this problem is solved by installing a high temperature humidifier that actually boils (212F) off any harmful pathogens that may become airborne in our homes. 

That’s why the choice of your humidifier is very important. There are such devices that can neutralize bacteria and prevent them from penetrating into the air. Be wise, be smart before you make any humidifier purchase for your home. The health of your family really does matter.  

How It Works

The system is installed to run independently of your HVAC system, do not need your furnace to operate, delivering warm, steam humidity to the rooms of your home using your existing ductwork. It generates steam by energizing both electrodes that extend into the canister’s water reservoir. This is not an older, electric element type coil humidifier.

Benefits and Features

Just imagine  the feeling of (212F) hot boiling water and steam, clean, pure healthy steam throughout your home during the brutal, cold, dry winter months. What a feeling of true, cozy, warm comfort. Now you can have this feeling in your own home for decades to come. Turn down your wall thermostat on your furnace from dry heat destroying your hardwood floors, causing sinus irritation, coughing, itching, lingering illnesses and more.  As with older bypass humidifiers, wasting water 3:1 ratio.  A Warm and Comfortable Home is a Healthy Home.

Other humidifiers significantly waste water. For each gallon used, up to 3 gallons of water are dumped into your floor drain, wasting water.  Our unique Healthy Air,  Steam Humidifiers use up to 100% of water generated through humidifier back into the home air stream. Self cleaning, self water fill, saving water 


We use cold water rather than hot water from your water heater. Many older bypass humidifiers may generate more demand and more frequent operation of your hot water heater. No ductwork needed, no awkward flappers or dampers.

Experience the Difference

The current flowing between these  electrodes causes the water to boil, 

shocking the cold water, creating 212F degree boiling water into steam. 

Hot Steam humidity then flows through a steam hose and is injected into the moving air stream through a distribution tube connected to your ductwork. 

Hot, humidified air then travels evenly through your air ducts and into the rooms of your home by your New Furnace ECM Blower Motor. Continuous blower fan operation, only .50 RLA or Amperes. Truly Amazing Energy Saving Technology.

No Water Pad-No Maintenance

Total humidifying capacity depends on the electrical draw you’ve chosen. 

110 volts, the system delivers 11.5 gallons of hot steam per day. At 208 volts, 

it releases 20.5 gallons of humidity per day. At 240 volts, up to 23.3 GPD. 30A

240 volts @ 16A delivers up to 34 GPD per day for larger homes up to 6,000 sq ft.  No other bypass, cheap, builder type, unhealthy humidifier compares. 

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Residential Home Pure Steam Humidifier Experts.  Save Water.  

No Mess. No Maintenance. 

Older Water Pad Replacement

AprilAire Digital Humidistat

AprilAire Digital Humidistat


Old messy water pads are high maintenance.  Forming potential bacteria and mold that gets into your home air stream.  Sick Building Syndrome.

AprilAire Digital Humidistat

AprilAire Digital Humidistat

AprilAire Digital Humidistat


Featuring our highly visible, bright display with your New Aprilaire Steam Humidifier.  WE LOVE HARD WATER!!