Hydroxyl Generators

NO HARMFUL OZONE: Our process uniquely converts any home or business central air system into a 24-7 hydroxyl generator. Unlike common UV induct products that treat a stationary surface (such as an AC coil) over an extended period of time, hydroxyl generators effectively treat both the stationary surface and the air circulating through the system.

Hydroxyls, which are omnipresent in nature, react in milliseconds and eliminate thousands of contaminants including volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Hydroxyls react quickly enough to remove odors, and break down bacterial spores and pathogens from fast-moving air. By contrast, a standard UV in duct purifier, requires 5-10 seconds of direct exposure at close proximity and has little affect on contaminants in the air stream.

Our process effectively works by harnessing the power of water through PhotoCatalytic Oxidation (PCO) technology to generate hydroxyls using only humidity, UV light and a catalyst without producing harmful byproducts. Whenever water vapor is present in the air, it can be converted into the world's safest and most powerful cleaning agent. Biological contaminants or pathogens are destroyed on contact with the catalyst surface, including the most resistant strains that can survive long periods of exposure to both UV light and many harmful household cleaners.

In addition, hydroxyls break down odors trapped in the air from mold, formaldehyde, smoke, sewer gas and many other contaminants until all 

that remains is carbon dioxide and water.

PCO hydroxyl generation, originally developed by NASA, is ozone-free and 

safe to use indoors for continuous operation around people, pets and plants. Photocatalytic Oxidation is also FDA-approved for use in Class II medical devices.  

The unit has the latest PCO technology including UV-C lamps rated for 9,000-hours, unique 360-Surround permanent nano-anatase TiO2 reactor grid to produce the highest levels of hydroxyls possible without restricting airflow. 

The unit's germicidal light also sterilizes nearby surfaces such as AC coils.

Some of the health benefits of operating the hydroxyl generator include fewer illnesses from airborne viruses and bacteria that enter a building, a reduction 

in allergens present in the indoor air, elimination of mold growth on the air conditioner coil, a reduction of carcinogens in the air from chemical off-gassing, 

a better night's sleep due to the improved air quality and a layer of protection against Sick Building Syndrome.