Multi-Zone Systems

Temperature Control for your Entire Home


Winter and Summer. Temperature problems can be wide spread within our homes. It can be frustrating, annoying and very problematic. Now is the time to ensure that your heating and cooling system will run at maximum efficiency to help keep your family comfortable during the cold winter months and hot summer, humid weather. All while saving you more money in energy costs.  

WiFi Thermostat Zoning, one of the best, most up to date and most overlooked options for achieving this kind of precision comfort at a low, affordable cost.

Residential HVAC Zone Systems are a very efficient way to control consistent temperature floor by floor in your home. We highly recommend TWO STAGE AIR CONDITIONING and TWO STAGE HEATING OPERATION.  

Far too many homes are way out of balance with basic, ineffective, improper and poor installations by others.  Our Two-Stage Heating & Cooling Units are your very best option.  Automatically with precision, uniquely, increase and decrease your home HVAC (operation) based upon only the need by each individual thermostat. Why use more cooling than needed or excessive cooling, wasting energy and overkill during a single zone operation.  Basements need little cooling, rather air flow during summer months. Primarily to prevent moisture control in basement.  We provide FREE cooling from basement during summer operation. 

We know our stuff. Over 40 years experience. We pull the cold air (FREE AIR) from basement to upper level. Properly positioned large air register (vents) are "critical" whether on wall or at floor. It's all about home air flow without clogged arteries which is rampant in the industry. Unknown to the homeowner. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense to heat and cool these zones differently when needed at your fingertip. Each individual thermostat controls the temperature per zone throughout your home. A well-balanced zoning system when designed properly may have many thermostats.  

Multi-Zone HVAC Systems work by installing dampers in the main trunkline (ductwork) near your furnace. Each damper will open or close automatically upon a call from your thermostat. In doing so, they can shut off airflow to floor (zone) or allow airflow into zone. Exactly where you desire instant comfort from within your own home. Easy. Fast. Effective. Efficient Heating and Cooling.

                                                     Real Benefits and Features of Zoning:

  • Whole Home Zoning System gives you total control. Just touch your thermostat and let it work. Each thermostat works independent of the other. Fully automated zone dampers communicate with your zone panel, furnace and air conditioner when needed all year round. We provide the very best in home comfort, floor by floor. 

  • Home HVAC Zoning System evenly distributes air flow throughout your home. With zoning, you’re able to have more control over the overall heating and cooling patterns within your home all year.

  • Home Heating Zoning System is never too late. If you demand total temperature control, floor by floor, already have a forced air duct system installed in your home, it’s never too late to consider the possibility of zoning. Zone dampers  can be installed into your pre-existing system. 

  • Basement Level Area. Why cool your basement in summer time. Wasting excessive energy into freezing basement. Zoning effectively when needed shuts down air conditioning to basement area. Saving energy and improving comfort. Return air vents still draw residual cool air from basement through rest of home or known as Free Air Conditioning.

  • Upper Level Area. We guarantee cooling your Upper Level will dramatically  improve dropping temperature to comfort levels during our hot summer months. Maintain 72F degrees or your preferred temperature through our hot, steamy, uncomfortable, high humidity, summer days. Sleep in refreshing, cool comfort all summer long. 

  • The Ultimate Zoning System. Our Two-Stage 97% AFUE Furnace and 16 SEER Two-Stage Air Conditioning combinations make it an easy choice for optimum comfort. While only consuming up to 50% the energy output of normal systems when required. Includes our Two-Stage Heating and Air Conditioning Systems. Saving you energy, improving overall comfort and last longer. 10 year long term manufacturer part warranty on all components assures reliable operation. Ultra-Quiet operation.  Lifetime Warranty Available. 

* Let our team of uniquely qualified professionals provide a Home Heating Zoning System tailored to your individual needs.  Call today 952.941.6049 for your FREE Estimate. Whole House Comfort with a Smile.

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