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Customer Testimonials

Your commitment to excellence and doing the job right was stellar. These guys really know their stuff too. By far, head and shoulders above other companies.  It was a very easy choice. We were referred to ENVIROWORLD USA by our builder whom gave rave reviews. Their leadership, compassion and  communication skills were outstanding. Our home covers around 7,500 sq ft with an indoor basketball court. Tom designed an integrated and complete HVAC system with three separate heating and cooling systems that maintained even temperature year round, room by room, floor by floor. Upper Level with many windows is 3,000 sq ft alone. Tom was able to provide even temperatures within 1 degree from end to end, corner to corner across this wide floor plan. Our indoor basketball court has 18 ft ceilings with large air vents from ceiling. We can actually feel the air coming from ceiling areas 18 ft above during heating and cooling season. Our older home, we could not even feel any air from our floor vents. What an amazing difference in overall comfort within our new home. This company designed and built a custom made indoor environment that is second to none. Having recently been diagnosed with lung cancer before we built made our choice with this company a slam dunk. Dusting is less often and the air in our home is much fresher than ever before. We have seen a dramatic change in our health. My son was using his inhaler several times a day in our previous older home. Since living here, only a few times per year. Very impressed with the overall results.  

★★★★★ Edina MN  Mike W. 2006

Beyond Five Star Service! In early spring, our family returned to our newly built home for the second time to find an extremely cold walk-out basement and continued breathing/health issues.  As seen on KSTP-TV and the Chaska Herald. We received a referral from Reuben of Structure Tech inspection firm to contact Tom with ENVIROWORLD USA, turning out to be an absolute blessing for our family. Our home was impacted by the Weyerhaeuser toxic floor joists in our newly constructed home that required us to stay in a hotel for over four months due to formaldehyde levels making the home uninhabitable.  The basement required complete renovation of the basement joists to fix the product omitting the lethal levels of formaldehyde. Once completed, our basement was 15-20F  degree difference from the other levels on the home. From Air Exchanger unit problems, HRV core missing, subcontractors not responding to our phone calls feeling hopeless with no-responses from our builder and suppliers who created the problem.  Additionally, the formaldehyde problem was "fixed", but my four-year-old daughter continued to battle with respiratory and otolaryngology issues daily inner ear infections/ongoing sinus drainage due to bad air quality in our new home as caused by our builder.  

Tom from ENVIROWORLD USA not only fixed our cold basement but turned our homes air quality to "hospital grade" levels with a large HEPA Home Filtration System and Steam Humidifier and delivered the experience of the exact same temperature across our entire three floors. Tom has always made us feel as his number one priority and have never experienced this level of customer commitment in my lifetime.  Not only is Tom the most experienced and most knowledgeable Indoor Air Quality and HVAC expert, he is extremely passionate for the work he does and delivers everything promised and more. I would highly recommend Tom from ENVIROWORLD USA to help with any home air flow or heating you may face and would graciously just like to say,  Thank You ENVIROWORLD USA for making our family happy and healthy again. This above and beyond service level should be recognized and acknowledged as the premiere, reliable, experienced, passionate experts this company delivers. Beyond 5-Star Service! 

★★★★★  Chaska MN Lambert Family 2019

We were referred to Tom by our Home Inspector, Reuben of Structure Tech. Our new air quality systems have greatly improved our health. The odors and lingering smoke have been eliminated from within the home and are sleeping better with less fatigue. Our energy level and air flow has been much improved. Very impressed with the amazing results.  Tom is an IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) genius! You won't find a better service provider in the Twin Cities.  

 ★★★★★ Eden Prairie MN  John R. 2016

This note is to say thank you for all you have done for us way beyond the call of duty. How fortunate we were the day you walked into our lives. Previous contractors, and many over the years, told us we just had to live with all the frustrations of our geothermal heating and cooling system. Our air flow in home was inadequate as well. Always much too hot in our upper level during cooling season. Your multi-zone systems from floor to floor truly made a world of difference. Your ability to diagnose,  professionalism and resolve of our ongoing problems was immeasurable.  Good to have a real genius working in our home.   

★★★★★ Lake Elmo MN  Mary E. 2012

This letter is being written as a testimonial for your outstanding service. To say we are satisfied is an understatement. Your company is head and shoulders above any other HVAC contractors we have hired in previous years. I call you the Leonardo-DeVinci of my furnace room. Your company is prompt, friendly and honor your word.   

★★★★★ Edina MN  Joseph G. 2002

Tom is definitely the expert you need to get any HVAC situation in perfect order. I own a newer home 10 years old with very inconsistent heating/cooling and nuisance air flow problems since day one.  Tom very quickly and efficiently diagnosed the many problems and made corrections whereas other contractors had no clue. Due to very poor cooling in upper level. Tom diagnosed that we were lacking air flow by up to 60% in our upper level. Large upper area return air ducts were installed up through my hardwood floors from basement and with utmost precision. All seams were taped and sealed to prevent any air leakage. All blends in very nicely with my closet areas and surroundings. Night and day difference in the air freshness and even temperatures from room to room, floor to floor, truly amazing. Tom is the utmost professional and gets the highest of quality job done right at a very competitive price. 

★★★★★ Golden Valley MN Ed S. 2018

ENVIROWORLD USA really knows how to provide the type of Heating and Cooling system your home or business requires. After owning multiple homes I have come to the conclusion that most HVAC systems that come with a house meet only the designed minimum requirements to save on money/budget. It is not until after the home is built that you truly are able to gauge your systems effectiveness and rarely do people make follow-up adjustments or investments. HVAC systems aren't pretty to look at, so people often spend their budget on hardwood floors, beautiful kitchens and more visual amenities. After living with these many frustrating comfort problems and without answers from other contractors, Tom clearly identified our problems and was able to make major improvements to our home. Tom is an absolute expert, perfectionist and was great at communicating and diagnosing our home. But really what sets this company apart from all other "broke/fix" out of box vendors that were unable to explain our situation was this 

company looks at the whole picture, whole house approach, based on your specific budget and comfort needs. 

★★★★★ Plymouth MN Matt E. 2016

I have a neighbor who is a chronic smoker. To make matters even worse, having COPD, I was getting a lot of residual smoke (carcinogens) second-hand cigarette smoke into my home. Tom completely overhauled my HVAC System with an emphasis on air quality improvements. WOW. Included special air purification systems, no cigarette smoke anymore. A large hepa system that connected to my house air ductwork, new air conditioner,  new aluminum indoor non corrosive cooling coil, no more refrigerant leaks and a customized air circulation system.  I was truly amazed at the amount of scientific, detailed, knowledge that Tom has while explaining IAQ issues. Tom has a real passion for his work having lived his entire life with acute lung and breathing problems. Long story short, Tom solved all my IAQ problems. The other thing I really like about Tom is his commitment to customer service. I cannot say enough good things about Tom. A real genius, having a deep commitment towards customer service and follow up support. 

★★★★★  Eden Prairie MN John R. 2017

Would like to say Thank You to ENVIROWORLD USA. Grateful seems very inadequate to describe how much I truly appreciate all the hard work, compassion, dedication and scientific knowledge applied in my home.  My trust was in your hands as you reached the very pinnacle of detail with my home. Your explanation of work performed throughout was an experience never seen before in my 35 years of home ownership. From relocation of air vents, air duct resizing, sealing of old air ducts, cleaning of debris even "after" I had my ducts cleaned, thinking they were cleaned by others was humiliating. Most of all you literally dropped my electrical usage with furnace motor and air exchanger  by over 75%.  New ECM motors did what you said they would do too. Most of all, you did show me the results before and after. My air flow in home has improved significantly. Even the noise from my furnace running all the time has stopped. You also  prevented my basement from flooding due to the lack of knowledge by other contractors. Truly amazing work. Also am very appreciative of your sensitivity to my budget restraints.  

★★★★★ Burnsville MN Anita S. 2019