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NOBODY DOES IT ANY BETTTER. WE CHANGES LIVES. DONE-RIGHT. HEATING & COOLING YOUR HOME IS SERIOUS BUSINESS. EXCEEDING YOUR EXPECTATIONS. TRUSTED WITH INTEGRITY. PROFESSIONAL-GRADE MASTER LICENSED HVAC/GAS FITTER EXPERT on every project. Exclusive, Design-Build Air Flow Applications that work, every time. Eliminate frustrating cold basements and bad air flow problems as caused by others. Eliminate decades of poor cooling, bad air flow in Upper Level Areas. Including house dust problems. Indoor room temperature problems. Many homes lack ventilation, lack proper air flow become an infectious bubble trapping stale air, breeding ground for dust mites, viruses, odors, mold, spores, dampness causing sickness. Especially during our cold, dry winter season. Indoor asthma, allergy, airborne viruses thrive in unconditioned, unhealthy, dry air. Eliminate poor air flow and temperature issues, indoor chronic dryness, viruses, airborne dirt, chronic house dust permanently. Call Today! 952.941.6049.

HVAC-Hot & Cold Rooms. Indoor Temperature Experts

Up to 80% of Homeowners are NOT completely satisfied with their home Heating and Cooling Systems. Causes of Hot and Cold Spots can occur due to poor overall design and installation of your existing ducted HVAC system. A major problem with many, many homes. Leaky ductwork, inadequate air vents and registers. Just having the wrong equipment can cause major issues. Certified. Accredited. Experienced. Minnesota's Best, IAQ, Home Performance Contractor. Acknowledge building science and myriad of ways that different components of a home interact with each other. Critical when installing a multi-zone heating or cooling system. Master Licensed Best HVAC Applications. Design-Build. Top Quality. Nobody Does it Better. Well-proven entire home air flow application. Amazing Indoor Comfort for a Lifetime. The lungs of your home, called ductwork shall never need annual cleaning, never! BEWARE!! Call Today! 952.941.6049.

HVAC-Certified MASTER HVAC Experts

Energy-Saving Heating & Cooling Experts. Local. Industry Best Air Flow Performance. Indoor Temperature Experts. Never Clean Ductwork Again. Factory Certified Geothermal Experts. EPA 608 Certified. Factory Certified Ductless HP Experts. Dehumidification Experts. Energy-Saving Multi Zoning Automation. Clean, Healthy Indoor Air for Home and Family. Exceeding Expectations every time. Let us make your home and family most comfortable, most healthy ever. Experience the Real Difference, Today! Hurry!! Call for Details 952.941.6049.

CULPRIT: Malfunctioning HVAC Systems

FACT: The problem is lurking within your existing HVAC System. Many homes suffer with chronic air flow problems. Includes excessive dust issues. Indoor allergy and asthma symptoms. Sinus congestion. Poor ventilation. Poor filtration. Uneven room temperatures. Heating and cooling problems. Cold basements. Stale odors. Poor relative humidity management. High energy costs (heating/cooling).


Heating and A/C

Exceeding Expectations. Done-Right. Heating & Cooling our Home or Office effectively is essential. Dust-Free Applications. We Definetly Know our Stuff. Top-Notch New Furnace, Repair, Replacement Services. Experience the Difference. Built on Trust. Integrity. Compassion. Real-Time Results. Old Home Retrofit. New Home Construction Experts. Compassion and Integrity. Design-Build. From Blueprint to Final Completion. Feeling frustrated without the right answers from others? We will fix all of your Indoor Comfort Issues. Done-Right. 100% Satisfaction.

Steam Humidifiers

Studies prove unhealthy, dry air within our homes is making our families and children very sick. Too many homes suffer from these chronic health, sickness, dryness and comfort issues. Fact, your home may be the culprit. Having the right steam humidity levels in our home is essential for wood flooring, our respiratory health. Many flooring manufacturers may void product warranty if not properly equipped with a humidifier system. Install an Award-Winning Healthy Air Humidifier Today! Essential for sinus drainage, better breathing, softer hair, healthier skin and better respiratory health. 100% Satisfaction.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Indoor Air Quality

Studies show the 4th largest environmental threat is Indoor Air Quality. Accredited, highly-skilled, uniquely trained, industry experience, understanding building science, home airflow performance, whole house temperature consistency is critical for its combat of IAQ issues. Unknowingly, your home can also produce many unhealthy airborne pathogens, lingering odors, dust mites, dirt accumulation due to bad air flow, poor air flow patterns and more. May cause onset of airborne viruses, chronic sinus, flu-like symptoms. We offer the absolute best, very powerful, clean, fresh, filtered air for your Home and Family.

air exchanger

Air Exchangers

BUILD TIGHT. VENTILATE RIGHT. Far too many homes do not breathe properly. Causing lingering sickness, odors, bacteria growth, airborne pathogens, high relative humidity. Let us provide 24/7 hassle-free, fresh, pure, clean air balanced ventilation systems for your entire home. Self Balancing. High Boost. Quick, Fast Ventilation Mode. Energy Saving ECM dual motor operation. Protect your home and entire family from breathing indoor stale air, viruses and bad odors. Stay Healthy. Save Energy.

Healthy Home

Our Indoor Respiratory Health Matters. Nobody Compares. Virtually eliminate chronic congestion, sneezing, dryness, dust problems, skin dryness with amazing results for your family. Hospital Grade H.E.P.A. Virus and Dust Elimination Systems. Protect your family with our Revolutionary HVAC Home Performance Systems. Humidity and dryness issues are also a major problem in many newer and older homes. Protect your skin, health, wood floors, brand new windows all year long. Breathe Easy. Feel Better. Less Fatigue. Sick Building Professionals. Experience the Difference in Home Comfort for a Lifetime.

HVAC Performance

DONE RIGHT! Air Flow Performance is critical in any home. It's called Building Science Dynamics. Don't get fooled by others unskilled labor, lack of education, minimal experience w/o credential's in this critical area of expertise. Many homes suffer from unbalanced, bad ductwork design, lack of air flow, room temperature problems, lingering odors, window and moisture problems, skin issues, dryness and more. Our in-depth cold basement, best air flow, room temperature techniques cure lingering comfort and dryness problems left behind by others. 100% Satisfaction.

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                   Steam Humidificationservices

ENVIROWORLD USA. Edina MN, Eden Prairie MN, Shakopee MN, Savage MN, Plymouth MN, Eagan MN, Lakeville MN, St. Louis Park MN, Carver MN, Golden Valley MN, Burnsville MN, Minnetonka MN, Chaska MN, Chanhassen MN, Prior Lake MN, Wayzata MN, Excelsior MN, Eagan MN. 

WORLD-CLASS INDOOR COMFORT. Literally, Feel the Best Indoor Comfort Experience of your Lifetime. Our home  is a very complex system. New HVAC equipment is just one single element (out of many) for a more comfortable home environment. Don’t get fooled by others sales pitch with lack of industry experience saying a new furnace or AC will solve all your home comfort, house dust, air flow and temperature problems. This not a true statement.  It’s called Building Science. We have duly earned your business over a lifetime of industry experience, guaranteed, with truly amazing, well-proven results. We offer real-time technical capabilities, experience, multi-certified, multi-accredited, industry educated, highly-skilled compassionate Master Industry Licensed craftsman for a lifetime of whole-house indoor home comfort.

We breathe up to 20,000 liters of polluted, unhealthy air each and every day.  Spending up to 90% of our time indoors can make us very sick. Especially with home offices can make our lives more unhealthy with lingering airborne illnesses inside your home. Highly-Skilled Artisan Craftsmanship. Multi-Industry Certified. Master Licensed HVAC Installations. Unmatched Corporate Utility Background. Master Licensed Gas Piping Experience. Best Suburban Area Residential and Light Commercial HVAC Industry Professionals. Built on Quality. Trust. Dedication. Integrity and Compassion. Nobody dares to Compare. Done-Right!! 

Is your home making your family sick? Estimated 40 million individuals in the U.S. suffer from allergies. It’s prudent to improve the indoor air quality in your home even if symptoms are not noticeable.  In many cases, the problem may be lurking, missing within your existing HVAC system.  Call Today for your Appointment @952.941.6049.

Asthma/Allergens, fatigue, chronic congestion, sneezing, headaches, difficulty breathing, sinus problems, dry or itching skin reactions disappear when a person is away from their home, in many cases what’s lingering inside your home is the real culprit.

ENVIROWORLD USA has the right solutions to improve or virtually eliminate these unhealthy conditions. Serious, airborne health effects from indoor air pollutants may be experienced immediately upon exposure or many years later.  In some cases, whether a person reacts to a harmful, debilitating pollutant or indoor irritant can vary on each individual living in the same space. Hyper-sensitivity from indoor, harmful irritants varies tremendously from person to person.  Episodes of Legionnaires’ disease, a form of pneumonia caused by exposure to the Legionella bacterium, may be associated with poorly designed, poorly maintained air conditioning and heating systems. The link between some common indoor air pollutants (e.g., particle pollution, dust mites, odors, chemical or materials sensitivity issues, carbon monoxide, Legionella bacterium) and health effects are well established. Health effects affiliated with serious indoor pollution may include irritation of the eyes, nose, skin and throat. Includes headaches, sinus irritation, dizziness and fatigue. May cause acute respiratory (Indoor Asthma/Allergy) diseases, heart disease, and cancer. Very harmful indoor contaminated air we breathe may derive directly from within many poorly designed HVAC Systems, bad ductwork unable to move air flow freely throughout your home. Especially problematic in Upper Living sleeping areas during cooling season.

Heating and Air Conditioning Performance is critical in every home or business. Master Industry Educated.  Industry Certified. EPA Industry Accredited. Factory Trained. Industry Trained. Highly-Skilled HVAC Applications for a Lifetime.  Many homes are breeding grounds for allergens, dust mites, illness, sinus issues.
Quality. Value. Performance. Feel the real temperature difference or consistency, floor by floor, room by room. Done-Right. Tailored, Design-Build approach unique for the specific indoor health and comfort issues for your home and family. Experience the best air flow performance, comfort and indoor respiratory health for your home and family.
Provide a holistic, analytic, cognitive approach to a more comfortable home and healthier indoor living.  Breathe easier, feel better, while always very comfortable in your own home.  If your price shopping for bargains, coupons, fast talk, gimmicks, free advise, quick deals then move forward, we are definitely not the right fit for your home.  We provide a very comprehensive, value-added, results-oriented, whole house, floor by floor temperature consistency approach for educated consumers that demand the very best in indoor health, automated 24/7 Indoor Home Comfort you can Trust.
Understanding the building techniques (science) and HVAC technology that support a healthy indoor environment is our future. Our indoor health and energy savings converge with proper ventilation advancements for a more sustainable environment.
Far too many homes, unknown to many homeowners, suffer with bad air flow, stale air, odors, uneven temperature problems. May cause higher energy costs, illness, uncomfortable and feeling miserable in your own home. Poor cooling upstairs within sleeping areas is wide-spread problem in most homes. 10-20F temperature swings from Upper Level to Basement Areas and freezing basements all year long. These annoying issues are not normal. The Culprit: Problem is in your HVAC System. We fix these ongoing, lingering, frustrating indoor comfort problems, permanently, every time. We provide a plan for your home, design-build, tailored for your family, implement to perfection with immediate results you can feel. We definitely know our stuff!!
Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning of any dwelling is very serious business. Much more than any single furnace or any air conditioner (out of cardboard box) and a quick, fast, same day installation as promoted by others with no added value.
Window performance, air flow, ductwork, wall register locations must all work together efficiently, effectively as one entire system. Remember, this is a long term investment, financial commitment that when done improperly by others may effect your respiratory health, higher energy costs, increase dust problems, lingering indoor illnesses and decades of intolerable, frustrating, uneven comfort levels making your entire family miserable.
It’s called Building Science. Our personnel are highly-skilled, industry trained and Master Certified, extremely qualified having your best interest in mind solving every comfort problem by optimizing your overall indoor comfort experience, temperature swings and overall room by room air flow performance. Experienced personnel have decades (lifetime) of unmatched, unique, in-depth experience providing real-time, proven results. Solving poor air flow, related indoor health, complex indoor temperature problems is our specialty.
Your overall indoor respiratory wellness, health and room by room comfort with temperature consistency on every floor is priceless.  We provide the very best Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Indoor Air Quality “Performance” for your home and family.  New Home Construction HVAC Specialists. Existing, Older Home Experts. We stand alone in your area, above all the rest, well-proven over the decades with optimum Indoor Comfort and PRO Temperature Performance. 
Our highly-skilled personnel will Design-Build an entire HVAC System “tailored” with your specific needs in mind, more air flow throughout your entire home, feel the real difference room by room.  Master Heating & Cooling Applications for your home.
HRV and ERV Air Exchangers. Large natural gas cooktop ventilation “make up air” ventilation systems. AHRI Industry Certified Heating & Cooling Equipment. High Performance Mega HEPA Home Air Filtration Systems. Room by room temperature control. Variable-Speed Communicating HVAC Systems. We have all the “right” answers for your home or business.
Many homes suffer from frustrating air flow problems, related indoor comfort issues, odors, dryness problems, uneven temperature issues. ENVIROWORLD USA has all the right answers. Done Right. Poor air flow can greatly affect the operation, energy usage and life-span of any furnace or air conditioner. May also cause sickness while breathing the contaminated air, recirculating from within your own home. Building Science or Home Performance knowledge is the keen ability to understand, test and implement permanent solutions. Call Us Today @ 952.941.6049. 
Unmatched skillset, we are different, well-proven, local, experienced, one-of-a-kind, highly qualified, long term results. Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make in your lifetime. It can also be a very costly, unhealthy breeding ground for bacteria, dust mites, dust mite feces, upper respiratory problems. Affecting the indoor health of  the entire family. Fact, your own home may be causing ongoing, frustrating, allergy and asthma symptoms making your family sick and very unhealthy.
ENVIROWORLD USA has been proven moreover, as a local industry leader through innovation, repeatedly, the ability to quickly improve the indoor health and overall comfort of our customers related to poor indoor air quality. Eliminating dry skin issues with our customers and from within their own home, such as eczema, breathing issues, instant allergy and asthma relief, virtually eliminating dust problems, dryness and indoor moisture issues, accelerating  air flow, problematic room temperature problems left behind by others and reducing your energy costs.
We diagnose, plan, implement and provide the right answers, top-notch quality control, long-term solutions. Real-Time Results. Factory Trained. Factory Certified. Industry Certified. Industry Trained. Experience Counts. 100% Satisfaction.  

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